1993 Ducati Supermono

One of only 67 produced for 'Sound of Singles' racing.

1993 Ducati 550cc Supermono Racing Motorcycle
Frame no. ZDM550R*000016*
Engine no. ZDM550W4*000016*

• One of only 67 produced for 'Sound of Singles' racing
• Known ownership history
• Only used for track days – never raced
• Timing belt renewed in 2014

Predicting what motorcycles will become future classics is always a difficult task, but there was never much doubt about the Ducati Supermono. Created in the early 1990s for the popular 'Sound of Singles' racing, the Supermono was a technological tour de force and one of the best-looking racing motorcycles ever made. With a mere 67 built between 1993 and 1995, the Supermono has become one of the most eagerly sought after Ducatis of recent times.

The Supermono combined the horizontal front cylinder from the 888 Corsa with a counterbalancing second connecting rod that endowed the single-cylinder engine with the perfect primary balance of a v-twin. Features inherited from the racing v-twin included 37mm and 31mm inlet/exhaust valves, 50mm throttle bodies, and twin fuel injectors. Early Supermonos had a 100mm bore for a capacity of 550cc, producing a maximum of 78bhp, while later examples were bored out to 102mm (572cc) and produced 81 horsepower.

The steel-tube frame followed Ducati's established trellis pattern, and there was an aluminium swingarm pivoting directly in the crankcase/gearbox casting. Keeping weight to a minimum had been a design priority, so carbon fibre was used extensively in the Supermono, the fairing, front mudguard, air box, rear sub-frame, seat cowl, and footrest mounts all being made of this material. Engine side covers were magnesium, as was the fork's top yoke, while the three-spoke wheels were lightweight magnesium items from Marchesini. Claimed dry weight was 267 pounds. Unfettered by the need to accommodate street equipment, Ducati design chief Pierre Terblanche used this freedom to good effect in styling the Supermono, which many consider his finest work.

This example was delivered in Germany to its first owner and was next owned by an enthusiast in Denmark. The Ducati then spent time at the Vintage Motos Museum in Colorado (owned by the late Jim Dillard). The vendor has owned the machine since early 2013. Repainted at some time, it has only participated in track days and has never been raced. A new timing belt was installed in 2014 by Retrospeed. A wonderful opportunity to own one of the rarest and most collectible of all Ducati motorcycles.

Colour Red

Location Chicago

Driver Position Other

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