Czinger 21C - A Revolutionary Hypercar Built for the 21st Century

A Revolutionary Hypercar Built for the 21st Century

The Czinger 21C hypercar is designed, manufactured and assembled in Los Angeles, California using the world's most advanced production technologies. Czinger represents the pinnacle of automotive engineering, art and technology⁠-⁠based design

21C Powertrain

The 21C’s hybrid powertrain uses the world’s most power dense production IC engine as its foundation. It is a 2.88 liter, flat⁠-⁠plane crank V8 with twin turbos located mid⁠-⁠vehicle. The V8 is coupled with an 800V electric drive and regen system. An e⁠-⁠motor drives each front wheel and the batteries are charged during operation both through regenerative braking and a Motor Generator Unit (MGU) using a gear drive that is attached to the IC engine. The total strong hybrid system delivers a peak output of 1250hp (1233bhp).

Seven⁠-⁠Speed Sequential Transaxle Gearbox

Our powertrain includes a seven⁠-⁠speed sequential transaxle gearbox with a hydraulically actuated multi-plate clutch to complete the entire drivetrain, which is designed, developed and built by Czinger.

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